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Creating high quality foreign language audio books & Bibles for the world.


What We Do

We create the world’s highest quality foreign language audiobooks, Bibles and films—impacting the world one heart at a time. Specializing in multilingual spoken-word audio services, our portfolio of experience offers a full range of audio production and digital packaging services.

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Who We Are



We’re Global. That means we know how to get things done—just about anywhere. We work in over 30 countries, making us the ideal solution for your multilingual recording needs.



We’re Digital. The possibilities are unlimited. Our services are built on the latest digital technologies, allowing us to create possibilities that touch hearts and minds around the world.



We’re Quality. We are experts and we deliver. Our services are unparalleled, offering the highest quality deliverables, on time and within budget. You can trust us to get your project done right.

Why RecordedWord?

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    Global Experience

    We are experienced in cross-cultural audio project management and have over a decade of combined international residency and foreign experience.

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    Localized Services

    We specialize in offering the highest quality, in-country audio recording services, using localized studio professionals, audio engineers, and voice talents.

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    Professional Certification

    We have professional audio engineering certification and over 19 years experience in audio production and project management both at home and abroad.

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    Digital Technology

    We employ solutions built on world-class, state-of-the-art audio engineering technology, guaranteeing the highest quality audio recording services.

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    We deliver—and you can count on it. We are dedicated professionals and you can trust our work. We guarantee you'll be impressed.

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    Cross-cultural projects have their challenges. We build genuine relationships with local talent and dedicated nationals accompanied by supportive accountability. Through these meaningful relationships we are able to accomplish the impossible—making large scale recording projects a true reality.


We offer a complete range of multilingual audiobook production services, from in-country studio recording to digital mastering and packaging. We have the tools and expertise to meet your audio book production needs.

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Multilingual Audio Recording

At our core, we provide all the services needed to create multilingual audiobooks. From single voice recordings to audio dramas, you won't need to go anywhere else to get your audio book done right.

Global Project Management

Our cross-cultural project management services ensure your project is done right, on time and within budget.

Audio Sweetening

From the world's best noise suppression services to mixing, EQing and overall sweetening, we provide the services you need to make your project sound great.

Digital Mastering

We offer professional digital mastering services to get your audiobook to industry standards. From TV delivery to Amazon or Google Play services, our audio solutions provide you the best possible listening experience.

Digital Packaging

We provide digital packaging services—from album artwork to a limitless range of output formats, using the highest compression and codecs in the world.

Distribution Services

We can provide you the services needed for bringing your audiobook content to market.

Audio Portfolio

English, Female, Dramatized: On The First Day

Romanian, Male: Nouă Traducere În Limba Română

Japanese, Female: Japanese Living Bible

Chinese, Male, Dramatized: Chinese Contemporary Bible

Swedish, Male, Nya Levande Bibeln

English, Male, The Listener’s Bible by Max McLean
English, Male, Dramatized: On The First Day

Thai, Female, Bible: Thai New Contemporary Bible

Hindi, Male, Bible

Portuguese Brazilian, Male: Nova Versão Internacional

Kiswahili, Male, Bible

Russian, Male, New Russian Translation

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If you’d like more information about our services and how we can help you achieve your mission, please reach out to us. Let’s partner together to change the world through the hearing of the Recorded-Word.

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Contact Us

If you’d like more information about our services and how we can help you achieve your mission, please reach out to us. Let’s partner together to change the world through the hearing of the Recorded-Word.

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